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Congratulations on agreeing to purchase a dog from All-Star Yorkie Pups! This contract is between All-Star Yorkie Pups (Seller) and the Buyer listed above.

Section 1 - Non-Refundable Payment

Your payment holds your place in line to pick a puppy or to pick a currently available puppy. It is not a down payment on a puppy, and the fee is non-refundable under any circumstance or life situation change.

Section 2 - Payment Application

Payment for your place on the waiting list to pick a puppy or pick of a currently available puppy will be applied to the total purchase price of the puppy at the time of pick up.

Section 3 - Pick Up/Boarding Fee

The Buyer agrees to pick up their puppy by 12 weeks of age unless otherwise arranged. If the puppy is not picked up by the agreed-upon day, a $45 per day boarding fee will apply. The breeder has the right to sell the puppy to another person at any time after the first missed pick-up. The breeder can also move the Buyer to the waiting list or ask them to work with another breeder. The waiting list payment will not be refunded. The breeder has the right to deduct the $45 per day boarding fee from any payments starting the first calendar day after the first missed pick-up.

Section 4 - No Guarantee

All-Star Yorkie Pups does not warranty the dog's size, coat color, or whether the ears will stand erect.

Section 5 - Pet Only

The Buyer understands that their puppy will be sold as a pet and must be spayed or neutered at the age recommended by their veterinarian.

Section 6 - Contract Location

This contract is deemed initiated and finalized in Will County, Illinois.

Section 7 - No Additional Guarantees

This contract includes all provisions, and no other agreements, arrangements, promises, warranties, or guarantees are made or understood by the Buyer or Seller.

Section 8 - Mutual Non-Disparagement

The Buyer agrees not to make negative statements or communications disparaging All Star Yorkie Pups or its agents, products, members, directors, or officers publicly, including electronic platforms. The Seller agrees not to make negative or disparaging statements or communications about the Buyer. This clause is not violated when statements and evidence are required in response to legal proceedings in which both parties have agreed to resolve a dispute outside the boundaries of this contract, including evidence supplied for court filings, depositions, and hearings.

Section 9 - Entire Agreement

This contract includes all sections and provisions, and the Buyer acknowledges and agrees to them by signing below.